About the bundle

The bundle has three topics, with each of them attracting micro-credentials that cover issues relating to strategic thinking and formulationdigital marketing fundamentals and social media content and consumer connectivity

Who Is This Module For?

These modules have been develop for working professionals who want to use digital marketing to move their business forward. 

  • Entrepreneurs who need to understand the opportunity that digital marketing offers
  • Business leaders and executives who are looking to scale up their digital marketing efforts
  • Owner / managers who want to meet their customers' needs digitally
  • Marketers and early career professionals who are looking to grow and develop their careers

What Will I Learn?

Starting with Digital Marketing Strategy, you can learn the fundamentals of creating a strategy that will have an impact on your business. This module provides you with a framework, the skills and practical guidance to develop a strategy which will underpin all your digital marketing activity.

Digital marketing fundamentals builds on the strategy. Looking at key digital tactics, the module explores the basics of SEO, web design, UX, email marketing and digital ads, helping you win in a competitive market.

Social media marketing completes the digital modules. You will explore the psychology behind social media and getting to grips with the metrics that matter before investigating content creation and advertising.  

How Will The Module Be Taught?

The courses are online courses and are completed independently and entirely on your own schedule in the digital Teachable learning environment. You will also receive a certificate for the completed course. After purchase, you have 1 year to complete the three courses.

Price and Payment Options 

Price of each module is 249 € (incl. VAT 24 %). If you buy all three, the bundle price is 690 € (incl. VAT 24 %). 

The price of the courses includes:

  • High quality video materials
  • Current reading related to the course topics
  • A certificate of completion of the course
  • Access to a comment forum with other participants and lecturer
  • 1-year access to materials

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